July 2019 Nesting News

2019-07-13 Propeller strike

This week, team Argostoli has discovered a further 17 nests, bringing our total nest count up to 65. This number surpasses both the nest count at the same time in 2016, our busiest nesting season in the past, and the final nest count for the whole of last season in Argostoli!



2019-07-13 tagging event

At a tagging event held in the harbour on Wednesday, we were able to perform health checks on and tag 4 loggerhead sea turtles. For many of our current volunteers, this was a great opportunity to see adult sea turtles up close for the first time and to get hands-on with these wonderful creatures. We were joined by lots of locals and tourists at the event and were pleased with all of the fantastic questions we received about our harbour turtles in particular. Sadly, during this event, we came across an untagged turtle with carapace injuries caused by a propeller strike. Unfortunately, these types of injuries are all too common and have affected several of the turtles we have pulled out of the harbour waters at recent tagging events. Luckily for this individual, the majority of their wounds were superficial so after some antibiotic injections and cleaning up, they were able to be safely released back into the harbour the very next day!

2019-07-13 Argostoli nest

High winds have been picking up over the last 24 hours, which have made for very high waves and raised water levels underground. With this in mind, our team relocated 6 more nests between Ai Chelis, Megali Ammos and Minies that were newly at risk of inundation as a result of these obscure weather conditions. We are hoping that the predicted storm will pass quickly and that all of our nests are now in areas where they can finish incubating with little risk of being affected by changing water levels in future.

2019-07-13 Turtle 65 tagging event

We are excited to see what is in store for us in Argostoli over the next couple of weeks, especially as our first few nests near the end of their incubation periods. Stay tuned to find out whether we continue finding nests at such a high rate – Could this season be as busy as 2016!?

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