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Esme of Kefalonia

Apr 17, 2021

Esme is both of nesting size and age so it is possible that she did indeed nest there but not something we can be sure of. During the time that we have spent on the harbour in 2021, we have … read more

A Turtle's Lost Years

Mar 1, 2021

The journey a hatchling undertakes after entering the ocean is a long and dangerous one full of challenges and a lot of travelling. read more

Turtles in the harbour of Argostoli are becoming domesticated and more susceptible to diseases because of the daily supplemental food they're eating. read more

Tagging events give us an insight into the ecology and movement pattern of the turtles that visit the harbour every summer! read more

Every summer we run a photo identification project in the harbour. Photo ID is a well-known and widely used technique that uses natural markings to identify individuals. A sea turtle’s head consists of scutes that have unique shapes and patterns … read more

2020 Year in review

Nov 29, 2020

There have been 198 nests recorded across the three field stations this year - nests with clutch sizes as small as 17 and as large as 177, coming out at an average of 95 for both Argostoli and Lixouri, and … read more

Enduring strong winds, pelting rain, and sand blowing in every direction, the team was able to move 29 nests to the safest part of the beach to avoid any further inundation. Argostoli field station has been lucky enough to see … read more

Several further mass hatchings and full inventories have taken our nest count down to 38, meaning the Argostoli Field Station is left with less than half of the total 87 we had recorded by the end of the nesting season. read more

This past week we've released a rehab turtle, found a dead stranded turtle and are monitored the remaining 53 nests in Argostoli and many more in Lixouri and Lourdas areas. read more

The Argostoli team is absolutely thrilled to announce that hatchlings are well and truly upon us. After a couple of days of dipping on an early nest on Ai Chelis beach, our first 11 hatchlings of the season made their … read more

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