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Argostoli area recently, with 10 new nests laid within the last 7 days. This brings our total nest count up to 14! read more

June 2019 Nesting News

Jun 14, 2019

This week saw 5 new nests recorded in the Lixouri area. With one nest on Kounoupetra, two located on the Cape and two on Megas Lakkos, we now have 7 nests! read more

After a week of tracks and body-pits, Lixouri has its first nests! The first nest of the season (ML1) was discovered on 4th June on Megas Lakkos. Due to its location ML1 is set to be relocated. We intend to … read more

This week Lixouri saw the first activity of the nesting season. A total of nine sets of tracks have been recorded on Meggas Lakkos. As we are currently based in Argostoli, we were fortunate to be alerted to this activity … read more

We've had a large number of new sea turtles entering the bay and harbour area of Argostoli and our teams have held regular tagging events to mark and record these turtles read more

This week we travelled across to Lixouri with our visitors from Le Rosey School. Our busy day began with a morning survey on Megas Lakkos. After teaching the students about nesting patterns and night survey shifts we patrolled the beach, … read more

Nesting may not have begun yet, but it can’t be far away – if you’ve been keeping up to date with our Facebook page you’ll have seen that we’ve been super lucky to see turtles mating all around the harbour. … read more

This year we were able to help a hatchling with a deformed flipper who was struggling to swim in the sea. Without our help, the hatchling we named Finn would have certainly died after the first few days out of … read more

The last week has arrived but the action hasn’t slowed: we’ve packed up the Lixouri field station for the season (Harry and Sarah have joined us in Argostoli), relocated a nest from Lourdas, and had two tagging events. read more

With 59 nests across our beaches this summer, it is very strange having only 3 remaining. However, the successful hatching of these other nests means our volunteers have helped thousands of hatchlings safely out to sea! read more

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